Manulife CI FlexiCare (Deluxe)
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Coverage up to
Years old
Manulife CI FlexiCare is a standalone multipay critical illness insurance that covers early, intermediate and advanced stage critical illness as well as death. The plan also provides special benefits, serious illness of child benefit and recovery care plus benefit.
How it Benefits you?

Why this plan is for you:


- Flexible Coverage term:  ​Till age 65/75/85/99


- Advanced Stage CI booster: Receive additional 200% of sum assured if diagnosed with any covered advanced Stage CI


- Special CI conditions benefit: pays 20% of sum assured for any of 23 special CI conditions


- Death Benefit: Pays the total premium paid to date


- Recovery Care plus benefit: pays 20% of sum assured upon 4 days of ICU in one hospital admission


- Serious illness of child benefit: 36 advanced Stage CI


- Cover me again Booster (Deluxe): Get covered again for critical illness after 12 months waiting period of the most recent claim. This benefit will not pay more than 400% of sum assured


- Recurring/ Relapse Major Critical illness benefit: pays100% sum assured for any of the 6 eligible conditions after a minimum period of 24 months of the most recent claim. You can make up to 2 claims under this benefit.


What we like about the plan?


1. High sum assured payout of 300% upon advanced Stage critical illness diagnosis


2. Option to add in CoverMeAgain Booster (Deluxe) rider


3. Option to add in early CI premium waiver


4. Complimentary advanced stage critical illness coverage for child of $10,000 per child, up to $20,000 per policy






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