Singlife Multipay Critical Illness
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Coverage up to
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Singlife Multipay Critical Illness is a multi claim critical illness term plan that offers a lump sum payout at different severities of critical illness and allows multiple claims on early, intermediate and severe stage critical illnesses, potentially adding up to 900% of sum assured for critical illness benefit payout.
How it Benefits you?

Coverage And Benefits

  • Flexible choice of coverage of 10 and up to age 99 (ANB), at every one year interval.
  • Premium is waive upon claim of 300% sum assured.
  • Pays a Critical illness (60 CI Groups) benefit of up to 600% of sum assured upon diagnosis of Early, Intermediate Stage Critical Illness (100%) and Severe Stage Critical Illness (300%
  • Pays recurrent critical illness benefit of 150% of sum assured per claim of selected critical illness.
  • Advance care option which pays an additional 100% of the Sum Assured for the first Severe Stage Critical Illness Benefit claim for eligible critical illness
  • Additional Intensive Care benefit of 20% sum assured upon admission to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for 4 days or more in one hospital admission
  • Benign and Borderline Malignant Tumour benefit of an additional 20% of the Sum Assured 


What we like about the plan?

1. Can be purchase as a standalone plan or attached it as a rider along with Aviva My protector term plan 


2. No waiting period between first early and advanced CI claim

Case Studies

Jane Doe,  age 25(ANB), non-smoker is has recently entered the workforce and wants financial protection that pays her a lump sum benefit in the event of critical illness to ensure that she won’t have to touch her personal savings for future living expenses.


She buys Singlife Multipay Critical Illness with a Sum Assured of S$100,000 and chooses to cover her prime years for a period of 40 years. She pays $959 per year.



1st Claim:
Jane Doe is dianosed with a benign tumour at her left breast (suspected malignacy) and require surgical excision.
She receives 20% of her sum assured.
2nd Claim:
Jane Doe is dianosed with early cancers.
She receives 100% sum assured as early CL.
3rd Claim:
Jane Doe is diagnosed with Major Cancer. She exercises the Advance care option.
She receives 300% of sum assured, and do not have to pay for future premiums.
4th Claim:
Jane Doe suffers Heart Attack of Specified Severity.
She receives 300% of sum assured, and do not have to pay for future premiums.



As you can see in the example, Jane Doe has paid a total premium of $28,770 from 25 (ANB) to 55 (ANB). She had received a total payout of $720,000 (720% of sum assured) during her ordeal as income replacement to ease her living expenses.


Why this product may be unsuitable for you:


  • Low death benefit of $5000 as a standalone plan. Of course, there is also an option to add My Multipay Critical illness plan IV as a rider to a main term plan to increase death benefit.
  • No cash value
  • Premiums are payable throughout the policy term (when applicable)
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