FWD Recover First
Product Review
FWD Recover First is a Critical illness term policy that offers protection against late stage critical illness. With Future Protect, it provides an additional critical illness pay-out, Special Benefits, ICU Benefit as well as unique Recovery programme benefits.
How it Benefits you?
  • Recover First Benefit: Pays 100% of sum assured upon diagnosis of any one of the 37 covered late-stage critical illness (policy ends upon this benefit)
  • Future Protect Benefit: Pays 100% of sum assured upon diagnosis of any of the 19 covered conditions.
  • Reset Benefit under Future Protect Benefit: After 12 months waiting period, the base benefit of Recover first Benefit will be reset to original amount. The base benefit can only be reset once.
  • Premium waived upon claim of Future Protect Benefit
  • Special Benefit: $25,000 of sum assured upon diagnosis of any of the 10 covered conditions
  • Death benefit: $5000
What we like about the plan?

1. Additional support: Legal Services, Home care support, Emotional support for counselling, and Medical Second opinion support


2. Conditions covered under Future Protect Benefit

3. Conditions covered under Special Benefit Conditions

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