Singlife Cancer Cover Plus
Product Review
With Cancer Cover Plus, get covered for the cancer treatment you need - anywhere in the world.
How it Benefits you?

Cancer coverage changes of Integrated Shield Plans from 1st April 2023


Starting from 1st April, Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) will not offer the same level of cancer coverage as before. Therefore, those who want to ensure they have insurance coverage for potential cancer treatment expenses can explore the option of purchasing Singlife Cancer Cover Plus.


Singlife Cancer Cover Plus 


Singlife Cancer Cover Plus is a non-participating, yearly renewable medical reimbursement plan that is designed to reduce your out-of-pocket cancer treatment expenses both locally and overseas. 


The plan is not a Medisave-approved policy and can only be paid with cash and can be purchased as a standalone plan to complement existing medical insurance plans (e.g., Integrated Shield Plans (IP) and riders)


Benefits of Singlife Cancer Cover Plus at a glance 


1. Singlife Cancer Cover plus provides financial coverage against:

• Outpatient cancer drug treatment and services (for drugs that are on the Cancer Drug List (CDL) and on the nonCancer Drug List (non-CDL)).

•Selected cancer treatments – Proton Beam Therapy and Cell Tissue and Gene Therapy. 


2. As-charged coverage for claims: Feel secure knowing that your cancer treatment bills are claimable as charged, helping to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.


3. High annual coverage limit of $1.5million


4. Option for overseas cancer treatment: Get comprehensive coverage for your health, both locally and overseas.


5. Quick and easy application Complete sign-up by answering three health questions, with no need for a medical check-up.


Why would you need Cancer Cover Plus?


It is estimated that 1 in 4 people will develop a form of cancer in their life time. From April 2023 onwards, Integrated Shield plans will not provide 'as charged' coverage when it comes to cancer treatment.


With the increasing cost of cancer treatment, coupled with the individual claim limits of Integrated shield plans for cancer treatment, Singlife Cancer Cover plus offers a solution to ensure you are well covered for cancer treatment.



1. The plan is only available to Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents only


What we like about the plan?

First As-Charged Cancer coverage in Singapore


With the new claim limits imposed on cancer treatment and increasing cost of cancer treatment, Singlife Cancer Cover Plus will address any potential financial burden when it comes to cancer treatment cost.  With Singlife Cancer Cover Plus, you can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket cancer treatment expenses both locally and overseas.


Singlife Cancer Cover Plus provides policyholders the necessary coverage to make claims for outpatient cancer drug (CDL and non CDL) treatment and services, Proton Beam Therapy and Cell,Tissue and Gene Therapy.


As a standalone plan that provides high annual coverage limit of S$1.5m for cancer treatment and services, Singlife Cancer Cover plus can be purchase to complement your existing medical insurance (eg Enhanced Incomeshield, HSBC Shield,  Singlife Shield, AIA shield).

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