China Taiping Infinite Harvest Plus – Limited Pay
Product Review
Infinite Harvest Plus – Limited Pay is a regular premium whole life plan that provides a lifetime of regular monthly cashbacks. The monthly income are payable from the beginning of the 49th policy month, up to age 120.
Capital is guaranteed upon surrender at end of 6th policy year.
How it Benefits you?

How it benefits you?

  • Premium term: Choice of 2 years or 3 years
  • Provide a form of legacy for your dependents as the plan covers the insured till 120
  • May appoint a secondary life insured to ensure continuity of the plan
  • Death benefit of 105% of net premium paid, less all guaranteed monthly cash benefits
  • Lifetime monthly cash income from the beginning of the 49th policy month

What we like about the plan?

1. Surrender Value: Capital is guaranteed from end of 6th policy year

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