Singlife Shield
Product Review
Singlife Shield is an integrated medical insurance plan, which helps to cover the cost of surgical, hospitalisation and other medical needs by reimbursing for your expenses. The level of benefits covered depends on the plan that you choose.
How it Benefits you?

Coverage and Benefits

  • Policy Year Limit: Up to $2,000,000 (Panel specialist on plan 1)
  • Getting the treatment authorized prior to your hospital admission to ensure a smooth claim procedure
What we like about the plan?

1. Free cover of up to S$50,000 for newborns up to 6 months old and discounted premium rates for children (up to 20 Age Next Birthday (ANB) if both parents are covered under MyShield Plan 1 or Plan 2 continuously for at least 10 months from the cover start date of their respective policies on the newborn's date of birth.

Case Studies

Total Health protection for you

Here's how MyShied and MyHealthPlus work MediShield Life to help you with your medical expenses.


Janice is a 39-year-old sales manager. She's diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine check-up.


She chooses a doctor on Aviva's panel of specialists and is advised to undergo a mastecomy of her left breast to remove the cancerous tissue, as well as a mastectomy of her right breast to prevent further breast cancer.


She obtained a certificate of pre-authorisation prior to her hospital admission so that she can have peace of mind of her claims payout.


Source: Aviva

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