AIA Smart Flexi Growth
Product Review
AIA Smart Flexi Growth is a regular premium savings plan that fulfills multiple savings purposes such as children education and retirement needs. With a range of premium payment period and coverage options available in AIA Smart Flexi Growth, you can enjoy flexibility of choice, while building up a pot of gold that paves your way towards the future you have in mind.
How it Benefits you?


  • Depending on your saving goals, you have the option to receive the maturity proceeds for policy term from 15 to 30 years.
  • Flexible premium term of 5, 10 and Regular Pay
  • Save with a peace of mind as AIA Smart Flexi Growth is Capital guaranteed upon policy maturity
  • Death benefit of 101% premiums paid


  • For added peace of mind in event of critical illness, Applicants can add Critical Protector Waiver of Premium (II) rider to AIA Smart Flexi Growth policy which will waive future premiums upon diagnosis of early, intermediate, or major stage critical illness.
  • For parents looking to plan for your children, with Early Critical Protector Payor Benefit (II) rider, future premiums of the AIA Smart Flexi Growth plan (up to his/her 25th birthday)will be waived upon diagnosis of 149 early, intermediate, or major stage critical illnesses, total and permanent disability, or upon your passing.


What we like about the plan?

1. AIA Smart Flexi Growth has the flexibility to allow policyholders to fund this plan in a limited payment mode.


2. One of the highest projected yield to maturity (non-guaranteed) in the market.


Case Studies

Jane Doe, age 30, is looking to start a savings plan to fund for her newborn girl university education in the future. She opted for a saving term of 10 years, and a policy term of 20 years. She has selected an annual premium of $5,747.25.

She saves $5,747.25/year, for a period of 10 years. She has saved a total of $57472.50 at the end of the premium term, and waits another 10 years for the policy to mature.


At the end of the policy term, she receives the maturity amount of $95,536 which she can use for her daughter’s education.

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