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With the change in range of projected investment returns from 1st July 2021, insurers have used the opportunity to ‘’refresh and streamline’’ participating policies. In this article, we will be comparing the 3 whole life plans in the market you should consider


Table.1 Comparison of China Taiping i-Secure Legacy, Singlife Whole Life and HSBC Life Treasure II


i-Secure Legacy

Singlife Whole Life HSBC Life Treasure II
Premium Term Option 5/10/15/20/20 10/15/20/25/ Till age 65 10/15/20/25/30
Multiplier Option 2-4x 2 – 5x 1 – 5x
Expiry age for Multiplier

76/86 ANB

65/70/75 Years old 65/70/80 Years old
No. of CI groups covered  161 critical illness across various stages

131 conditions across various stages

134 conditions across various stages

No. of Special Benefits covered 12 16 14
No. of Juvenile Benefits covered 12 10 14
Premium deferment due to retrenchment


Up to 12 months


Income payout option NA Available at age 65, for 10 years of monthly payout NA
Upgrade cover without medical underwriting during Life Stage events NA Yes Yes
Unique Policy feature - Multiplier will reduce by 10% each policy year for 5 years till age 80 or 90, and remain at 50% of the multiplier for life.
  • Intensive Care Benefit
  • Benign and Borderline Malignant Tumor Benefit
  • Pays TPD Benefit upon 2 out of 6 ADL
  • Pays additional 50% of sum assured for 5 Main Critical illnesses



Table.2 *Premium Comparisons for Premium Term of 15 years

Insurer i-Secure Legacy Singlife Whole Life AXA Life Treasure II
Multiplier 2x, till ANB 76 3x, till age 70 3x, till age 70
Death/TPD $150,000



Early CI (Accelerated)




Annual Premium For Age 25 Year old Female/ Non Smoker


$2568 $2640
Annual Premium For Age 30 Year old Female/ Non Smoker


$2919 $3042.50
Annual Premium For Age 35 Year old Female/ Non Smoker


$3316.50 $3523.50
Annual Premium For Age 25 Year old Male/Non Smoker


$2477 $2733.50
Annual Premium For Age 30 Year old Male/Non Smoker


$2843 $3127.50
Annual Premium For Age 35 Year old Male/Non Smoker


$3292 $3653

*Note premium comparison is only for one permutation, and it is advisable to seek financial advice for adequate coverage on the sum assured you may require.





Why you may like China Taiping i-Secure Legacy:

Key Features: China Taiping i-Secure Legacy offers multiplier age option of both 76 and 86 ANB which is one of the longest available in the market to ensure you are adequately protected even in your golden years. They also offer a comprehensive number of CI coverage, of up to 161 CI across various stages of critical illness.


Secondary Feature: Following the expiry of the multiplier at the selected mulitplier age, the Guaranteed Benefit (GB) will reduce 10% each policy year for 5 years, and remain at 50% of the multiplier for life. This feature will ensure that the insured still enjoys a 'multiplied' sum assured beyond the selected multiplier age, allowing them to have a peace of mind on financail protected during their golden years.


Why you may like Singlife Whole Life:

Key Features: Singlife Aviva MyWholelife Plan IV offers 3 different multiplier age options of 65/70/75. The flexibility of multiplier till age 65 will provide a lower premium to suit your affordability, while ensuring you have an adequate coverage during your prime working years. In addition to the 131 CI conditions across various stages, they also cover Benign and Borderline Malignant Tumor Benefit which pays 20% of the sum assured upon a complete surgical excision of a Benign Tumor.


Secondary Feature: With their income payout option available at 65, it allows you to enjoy monthly payout to supplement to your CPFLife annuity during your retirement years, while ensuring you are still protected.


Why you may like HSBC Life Treasure II:

Key Features: AXA Life Treasure II offers both the best flexibility when it comes to selecting your multiplier age. In addition to the 134 conditions across various stages covered, they will also provide payout of an additional 50% of ECI Rider sum assured for 5 of the most common advanced stage Critical illnesses in Singapore which are:

  • Major Cancer
  • Heart Attack of Specified Severity
  • Stroke with Permanent Neurological Deficit
  • Coronary Artery By Pass Surgery
  • End Stage Kidney Failure


Secondary Feature: Under their definition for TPD benefit payout, AXA Life Treasure II will pay the insured in the event of inability to perform at least 2 out of 6 activities of daily living. The benefit is available when the insured is age 16 to 70.


If you are looking for whole life Insurance recommendations, do speak to our partnered Financial advisors to compare and recommend the best for you.

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